Did you know that predefined Excel reports are available with Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 & 2013?

Excel reports allow users to get up-to-date data from Dynamics GP without ever having to log into Dynamics GP. The reports are free and very easy to deploy.

Best practice: Deploy your Excel reports to a shared folder and be sure to apply appropriate network security to that folder so all users (GP and non-GP) can open the reports and access the information they contain.

To Deploy Excel Reports:

  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System > Reporting Tools Setup.
  • Click Excel Report.
  • From the Location drop-down, select Network Share.
  • Define the Location for System Level Reports Directory.
  • Define the Location for User Level Reports Directory.
  • Select the Company from Deployment Options.
  • Click Deploy Reports.
  • Next, close Dynamics GP and browse to the folder you defined during deployment. You will see two folders:
  1. Data Connections
  2. Reports


  • Double-click the Reports folder and you will see a folder with your company name.
  • Double-click your company folder and you will see a folder for all Dynamics GP Modules.
  • Double-click any folder (e.g., Financial).
  • You will see Excel reports related to the module (e.g., for the Financial module you will see the following reports):
  • Double-click any report (e.g., Account Transactions Default.xlsx) and Excel will open that report for you. Note: If you get the security warning error, click Enable Content.
  • All up-to-date information from Dynamics GP will be included in the Excel report.
  • You can filter the data based on any field available in the Excel spreadsheet.


  • To see updated information after a while, click Data > Refresh All.



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This CRGroup tip was written by:

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