Dynamics 365 HR in Teams

Using the Dynamics 365 HR App for Teams 

Microsoft continuously strives to release new features and enhancements to boost user experience and the functionality of their Dynamics 365 solutionsHR teams can now facilitate common human resources processes and employee self-serve workflows directly within Microsoft Teams.

The Dynamics 365 HR App provides employees access to the AI ChatBot. The interactive App Bot walks users through the process of submitting a leave request, and it can be used to answer leave and time-off inquiries, just by typing in a few keywords. This seamless integration enables employees to request leave and time off within the same space in which organizations collaborate and share information.


Other functions include viewing leave balances and surfacing the amount of time users have left based on leave-type activities, i.e., standard sick and vacation days, and special leave programs within an organization. After viewing one’s remaining balances, users can perform any further actions all from the same AI ChatBot chat, thus the employee can enter a specific date and/or time off and the AI ChatBot will return with an automatically created draft, complete with a calendar view.

If an employee is uncertain about their request, the draft will remain within the chat, until they decide. Once the user is satisfied with their request, they can go into their Saved Drafts, make any final edits, and submit their leave request for approval.

Managers can just as easily review and approve any requests, with just a few clicks of a button. Managers can also view their Teams calendar to see their direct reports and any colleagues’ time blocked off, as the application is directly linked to Dynamics 365 Human Resources where the leave data, balances, accruals, and history are stored.

Manager approve request

Drive productivity by equipping your teams with powerful HR tools and boost organizational efficiency using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources in Teams. Organizations can find the D365 Human Resources application in the Teams Store today.

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