Corporate Renaissance Group Add-Ons now Compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

We are happy to announce that all of our Dynamics™ GP Add-On Solutions are now compatible with the latest 2018 version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This announcement comes following the launch of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP v2018, which includes, among other things, comprehensive doc attach, optimized financials and HR/Payroll experience, enhanced workflow and reminder functionality, and a better overall user experience.

CRGroup has six active add-on solutions that are designed to enhance the capabilities of Dynamics GP data management, structure control, and reporting capabilities, as well as to help tackle common challenges faced by Dynamics GP administrators. Since the release of CRG Changer™ over twenty years ago, CRGroup’s GP Add-On solution set has grown to include solutions for GP Analytical Accounting and GP Project Accounting maintenance. Over 3,000 companies worldwide have relied on CRGroup’s add-on solutions for help with the setup and ongoing maintenance of their Dynamics GP systems.

All CRGroup Add-Ons for Dynamics GP are now compatible with Dynamics GP 2018:


“Our add-ons were developed using years of experience implementing and configuring Dynamics GP to suit client needs and by listening to feedback from GP customers,” said Aparna Rege, Senior Software Solutions Architect at CRGroup. “These latest versions have not changed in their core functionality but will help clients transition easily  to GP 2018.”


Existing partners and clients with active enhancement plans receive the upgrade free of charge and they can download here.

Those interested in getting started with CRGroup Add-Ons for Dynamics GP can download free trials here.

If you have any questions, please contact us. 1.800.576.6215