4 Upcoming Features to Dynamics 365 Human Resources

4 Of Our Favorite Enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources 2021 Wave 1 Release

Since its initial launch, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources has transformed employee and workplace experiences. With its easy-to-use and autonomous platform, along with the direct integration with other Microsoft programs, such as Teams and Office 365 (Microsoft 365), Dynamics 365 HR helps companies optimize their human resources processes.

We are excited to learn that Microsoft has some rather notable features and enhancements coming out in July and August of 2021. We have outlined our most anticipated for you below.

  1. Benefits Notifications
  2. Benefits Summary Statements
  3. Simplified Payroll Integration API
  4. Absence Manager Role

Because Dynamics 365 HR is a completely cloud-based application, upgrades are seamless and timely. Also, because Microsoft is always adding to the solution, you’d be surprised to know of all of the enhancements and features they have planned. Stay up to date on what’s new in Dynamics 365 HR here.

4 Most Anticipated Enhancements in Dynamics 365 Human Resources:

1. Benefits Notifications

We are very excited about this particular small but impactful enhancement, as it will reduce benefits enrollment turnaround, and save a lot of work for Administrators.

Benefits notification enhancements in the latest version of Dynamics 365 HR will enable the Benefits Administrator to:

  • Notify employees about open enrollment.
  • Notify employees about plan updates due to qualifying events.
  • Notify new hires when they are able to select their benefits.

The Benefits Notification feature will be made available to the public in July 2021.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Benefits Notifications

2. Benefits Summary Statement

Continuing with benefits management, the Benefits Summary Statement available in the 2021 Wave 1 Release  will provide a single consolidated view of benefits that an employee is covered for. This feature is vital in helping employees understand their comprehensive benefits package and we are asked about it a lot.

The Benefits Summary Statement view will provide Benefits Administrators a complete overview of benefits packages selected by employees or across different locations, along with a perspective of the total average spent by employee segment or benefits type. This feature was developed to better equip Human Resources to prepare for Benefits Planning.

The Benefits Summary Statement will include:

    • Coverage by benefit area and plan type.
    • Total employee contribution against the benefit area.
    • Total employer spend.
    • Flex credit spend (if applicable).
    • Dependent coverage.
    • Beneficiary details across eligible plan types.

The Benefits Summary Statement feature will be made available to the public in August 2021.

Benefits Summary Statement

3. Simplified Payroll Integration API

You cannot plan effective HR without incorporating Payroll. Dynamics 365 HR does not contain Payroll functionality but does integrate with Payroll solutions for the flow of compensation and payroll data between systems.

Microsoft’s upcoming Simplified Payroll Integration feature makes it easier for companies to seamlessly integrate employee information and third-party payroll data into Dynamics 365 Human Resources. This will enable Dynamics 365 HR users to access all payroll information in one place. It will also act as centralized hub for employees to update their data, view earnings statements and tax documentation. This enhancement will enable users to select any third-party payroll provider that fits their business needs.

This new feature will enable Dynamics 365 HR users to utilize an API for the following:

  • Employee pay profile
  • Fixed compensation (Pay rate)
  • Benefit contributions and deductions
  • One-time payouts, such as bonuses

The Simplified Payroll Integration feature will be made available to the public in July 2021.

Payroll Integration API

4. Absence Manager Role

We are particularly excited about this enhancement to Dynamics 365 HR because it demonstrates that Microsoft is truly listening to client feedback, and incorporating real-world company scenarios in their development of this solution. Mainly, this enhancement helps to tackle the fact that some (or even most) companies don’t follow a linear/clean organizational chart or black and white approval structure for HR processes.

Some organizations are not formally structured for People Managers to be the ones to approve or deny leave. For organizations like these, Microsoft has filled the void. There is now an option to delegate Leave and Absence Managers that can manage leave requests for designated departments or teams. This addition was developed to enable further flexibility for companies to cater their leave and absence management or processes.

Absence managers will be able to manage leave with the following capabilities:

  • Review and approve time off based on an alternate hierarchy.
  • View team member balances.
  • View the absence calendar for a team.

The Absence Manager Role feature will be made available to the public in August 2021.

Absence Manager Role

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