Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

In 2019, Microsoft launched its New Commerce Experience (NCE), offering customers greater choice and flexibility in how and where they purchase while giving partners more opportunities to sell to a growing base of existing and new customers. Microsoft continuously strives to help guide customers through their digital transformation, no matter where they are in their journey.

Business Central Licenses & the New Commerce Experience

The New Commerce Experience has reduced the complexity of long-term license commitments and provided cost savings for consumers. Microsoft recently announced a change in how customers purchase and manage their licenses through their Cloud Solution Provider Program. Microsoft has provided 3 Business Central license options to suit current customer needs.

Monthly subscription license (Premium price)

With a monthly subscription, customers have the flexibility to change licenses every month, however, this flexibility comes at a cost.  The monthly subscription price option is 20% higher than an annual subscription or three-year subscription option.

12-month subscription license

Through the NCE, customers can commit to your licenses through a 12-month subscription. Unlike the legacy CSP model, with a 12- month subscription you will have the option to be billed on a monthly or annual basis. With the 12- month subscription, license pricing will be locked in for the entire term – allowing customers to benefit from the additional cost savings of any price increases due in that time. This subscription will allow you to increase but not decrease the user license count during the 12-month term.

36-month subscription license

Microsoft is introducing Multi-Year Pricing to the NCE, allowing you to secure 36-month pricing for longer-term licensing commitments. With this subscription, customers have the option to be billed monthly, annually, or upfront. This subscription will allow you to increase but not decrease the user license count during the 36-month subscription period.

Need help?

If you have any questions about how the New Commerce Experience (NCE) impacts your current licensing, please contact CRGroup.