What is xP&A?

Extended planning and analysis—or xP&A, as Gartner so neatly christened it—is the wave of democratizing a traditional process controlled by finance and accounting (FP&A) across all departments in the organization.

xP&A includes analytics, forecasting, planning, sales, operations, and even human resources monitoring processes. Its primary purpose is to break down informational silos and connect people, processes, and departments with strategic insights in real-time.

Implementing xP&A: Getting Started

As companies continue to navigate the constant changes of working in the “new normal,” agility is essential. However, as many organizations now rely on a distributed and remote workforce and systems, traditional planning strategies are untenable. What’s worked in the past does not fly in 2022. If you’re continuing along the “tried-and-true” pathways engraved in your company’s firmament, you’ve likely experienced a few setbacks.

Like most organizations, you’ve probably made a few significant shifts and are constantly looking for ways to improve. In your journey, you may have stumbled across xP&A and wondered if it’s right for you—and the short answer is a resounding “yes!” Uncover the top 5 benefits of implementing xP&A and how you can get started in this in-depth eBook.

Know you need xP&A but not sure where to start?

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