In with the new! Top 5 reasons why you should upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 today.

Time sure flies – the new version, Dynamics GP 2018 was released in December 2017 and yet many GP users are dragging their feet on the upgrade. We get it – upgrading your system can take time and consideration – and it’s often easier to sweep everything under the rug and continue on with your existing install of GP. What ends up happening, however, is before you know it, you are several versions behind in essential upgrades and your business ends up paying for it. There are some very good reasons why you should upgrade – 5 in fact!

1-Leverage Your GP Investment

You get access to the software upgrades as part of your annual GP maintenance plan! You are already paying your annual GP software maintenance (through the Enhancement Plan, Advantage Plan or Advantage Plus Plan) so leverage this investment! This software maintenance includes access to new GP software versions so make sure that you stay current.

2-Take advantage of new Features and Functionality

Each new GP release includes new features that will enhance your user experience with the software. For example, upgrades might eliminate tedious steps and allow you to work faster and more efficiently. Upgrades can provide your business with the tools to work better, faster, and smarter.  Some favourite new features in GP v 2018 include the following:

Top User Requested Features & Fixes:

  • Ability to save SmartList favourites
  • The ability to copy user access settings/security across AA dimension codes
  • Ability to print and email a single statement from a customer card (this alone is worth upgrading!)
  • Some much-needed Bank Reconciliation sorting options
  • Ability to print purchase requisitions
  • ‘Auto-complete’ typing functionality in the web client

 Doc Attach Functionality

  • New doc attach functionality on most master record/inquiry/transaction entry windows

System Password

  • Users only need to enter the system password once during the active session when working in multiple system windows. Previously users were prompted to log in multiple times when accessing different system windows.

Enhanced GP Workflows that Work for You

  • Mature workflows will save an immense amount of time. GP 2018 allows the mapping processes and automating approval routing and notifications (even for non-GP users)
  • Workflow approvals for General Ledger Accounts and Purchase Invoices
  • Ability to copy workflow steps and settings
  • Reminder emails for workflows

GP On-The-Go

  • Tablet and mobile experience is truly amazing, allowing users to complete essential tasks on any device

3-Access to Critical Regulatory Updates

Access to important regulatory updates, including payroll tax table changes is only available for supported versions of Dynamics GP.

4-Mainstream Support for Prior GP Versions Have an Expiry Date

Protect your business by ensuring that you remain on a supported version of GP.  If you are running a previous version of Dynamics GP that is more than five years old, Microsoft will no longer support it. This also means you won’t be privy to important code that provides automatic updates, such as payroll changes, tax rates, and other essential details needed to ensure accuracy in your accounting. If you’re on Dynamics GP 2013 or a previous version we highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest GP release.

5-Cost Efficiencies

Regular GP upgrades are actually more cost-effective! By keeping your system up-to-date, the transition to a new version of GP will be smoother. Delaying an upgrade can potentially cause more problems for your company. The longer you wait to upgrade Dynamics GP, the more difficult it is to move to the most recent version. It makes the transition more complex and involves more time, which increases the potential for the extended downtime and increased costs.

Your Partners for Dynamics GP Upgrades & Support

There is a reason why CRGroup is the Ottawa region’s leading Dynamics GP Partner – we have helped clients customize, manage and upgrade their Dynamics systems for over 25 years and counting. We have a structured, proven, and efficient process for ensuring clients are able to transition to new GP features, functionality and fixes.

If you are looking to take advantage of the latest features, fixes, and functionality available to you in the newest version of GP let’s get moving! To get a free estimate and detailed plan for a smooth upgrade of your Dynamics GP, contact us at