Dynamics GP 2018

Microsoft released the newest version of Dynamics GP in December of 2017. This 2018 version includes new features targeted to improve user experience and allow fast and efficient use of Dynamics GP.

For Dynamics GP users using the older versions, wondering what’s new in this version? The following section outlines a few of our favorites:

Document Attachment

Documents can be attached in most of the master record windows, inquiry windows and transaction entry windows. Documents not attached in the Transaction Entry Windows can now be attached in the Inquiry windows if necessary. For instance, in the Employee Maintenance Window, next to Employee ID, the Document Attachment button has been added. Any documents attached here can also be visible in the Employee Inquiry window. Likewise, documents attached in the Fixed Assets General Information Window, can be accessible in the Asset Inquiry Window. Based on the role in the organization some users can be restricted from accessing these documents in the Inquiry windows. This can be done by marking Allow Attachments to be added in the Inquiry windows and create a password in the Document Attachment Setup window.

Work Flow v4.0

Workflow now exists for almost all areas including batch approvals for Purchasing, Payroll, Project, Payables, Sales, System Security and Vendor management. Additional fields have been added to the Payables transaction and Purchase Order workflow such as: Vendor account, Vendor ID, payment priority, and comment 1 and comment 2 fields. New workflow approvals for General Ledger Account, Purchase Receiving and Invoice are added. Users now have the ability to set up reminder emails for the overdue tasks. Workflow steps and settings can now be copied from one Workflow to another in the same type.

Human Resource and Payroll

In the Human Resources and Payroll module, the Garnishment Reports can be turned off. Roll down changes can now be applied to active and inactive records. Department codes can be changed in all files. Wage reconciliation issues can be seen by printing posting journals anytime. In addition, users can also track discount amounts in Human Resource wellness and Health Insurance Integration.

Other New Functions

In 2018 version, other notable functions have been modified based on user requests. Here are a few:

  • Smart Lists have been added to the Web Client (embedded as a shortcut beside the date stamp) and Smart List favorites can now be password protected.
  • Bank Reconciliation window can be maximized to visualize multiple transactions on the screen during the reconciliation process.
  • No need to enter system passwords multiple times in the same session.
  • Hold status displayed on the Sales Transaction Entry Window and Sales Transaction Inquiry Window.
  • User access settings in Analytical Accounting can be copied from one user to another.
  • Customer statements can be printed from the Customer Maintenance Window and Customer Inquiry Windows.
  • Confusion of Check or Cheques in Payables? They are now called Payments. Edit Cheque Batch, Edit Cheque, Print Cheque and Post Cheque are renamed Edit Payment Batch, Edit Vendor Payments, Print Payments and Post Payments.
  • A Note button has been added in the Vendor and Customer Inquiry windows.

More Information about the newest features of Dynamics GP 2018 can be found on the Dynamics Community Forum

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