Corporate Renaissance Group’s CEO, Dr. Vijay Jog, shares insights featured in the Ottawa Business Journal. 

CFOs are under pressure to take their C-suite colleagues further and faster. CRGroup’s Vijay Jog offers three steps to modernize strategic management functions of the finance role.

Few senior executive positions have been or will be subject to as much change as that of the CFO. Thirty years ago, when I began consulting with global organizations on the role and functions of finance, the definition of “chief financial officer” was very different. In the last 10 years, there’s been a major shift in what companies need from the office and what defines an effective CFO.

A CFO must now contribute strategically to business growth. Today’s CFO is expected to streamline all aspects of traditional finance as well as work dynamically by using data and intelligence to influence decision-making and create more value for the company.

The reality, however, is that most CFOs are still spending too much time on compliance and control and do not have access to the right resources and tools needed to own this emerging role. Continue Reading…


3 Steps to Modernize Strategic Management Functions of the Finance Role


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Vijay Jog is the founder and president of Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup), a Quisitive Company (QUIS) and Ottawa-based firm dedicated to transforming business management and performance. He has led CRGroup’s growth in areas of strategic finance, corporate performance and dashboards, strategy design and execution and helping clients bridge the gap between technology and finance. Dr. Jog consults with organizations around the world and is a leading author and speaker in the areas of corporate performance and the office of the CFO. 


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