By Dr. Vijay Jog – President & CEO, Corporate Renaissance Group

Time Flies

It feels like it was just yesterday I was sitting down to reflect on 2015 and here we are again – on the crux of a New Year. 2016 has been a truly momentous year for CRGroup on all fronts marked by tremendous accomplishments and exciting opportunities. We welcomed many wonderful new customers, developed and upgraded our existing solutions, and continued to forge the paths for organizations looking to embrace the ever-changing landscape of business solutions.

A Big Thank You to the CRGroup Team

Before I mention our business success, I would like to mention how much I cherish our team and the passion, energy, and dedication they extend to their fellow team members and to our customers every day. It is not easy to be in our type of business where client needs and challenges come ahead of everything, which requires extensive traveling and working on weekends, and continuous learning outside of the work day. I do not know how they do it but they do it well and I have great admiration and pride in and about our team. No one can ask for a better group. Well done!

On the business front, more than any other year, 2016 has been one of the most exciting years as we continue to serve clients worldwide including Canada, U.S., South Africa, India, U.K., China and the Caribbean.

2016: The Year of Change & Opportunity for Microsoft Solutions

We saw many changes and activities in the Microsoft space and all of them positive. As a proud Gold Partner member of the Microsoft® Partner Network, CRGroup is very happy to deliver the latest Microsoft technologies and complementary products to our clients. This year, Microsoft launched GP v2016, CRM v2016 and AX v7 and Dynamics 365, resulting in new features and choices for our clients. CRGroup was named a Microsoft Canada Dynamics ISV of the Year Finalist, highlighting our customers’ and partners’ trust in our products and innovation. We will continue to support and develop products that extend the functionality of the Dynamics product lines.

The launch of Microsoft’s Canadian data centers has fueled a surge of opportunities for CRGroup and our customers this year. Businesses can now migrate to the ‘Cloud’ without sacrificing data security. CRGroup has already been very busy helping clients take advantage of Microsoft Cloud solutions and services like Azure, Power BI and Office 365, and we expect the focus of 2017 to be helping even more customers discover the power of moving vital business services to the Cloud.

What a Year for Events

In June, CRGroup’s much anticipated annual ‘Connections’ event took place in Ottawa. As always, attendees took away a vast amount of valuable material and insight related to the latest in Dynamics, financial management, and business systems. CRGroup held the first Canadian BOARD user group meeting in late October with over 95% of all Canadian BOARD users in attendance. emPerform was front and center at the SHRM Talent Management and PIHRA CAHR conferences. Finally, we were very pleased to take part in Microsoft Envision, the Workday Partner Summit, and CPA’s “The One” event.

Another Record Year for emPerform

It was a record year for CRG emPerform. CRGroup’s highly-acclaimed employee performance management solution. emPerform was awarded ‘Best Advance in Talent Management Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses’ by Brandon Hall Group. This recognition is well-deserved as witnessed by a significant number of new clients across all sectors including a major expansion into the Microsoft Dynamics channel. The launch of version 5.0 of emPerform earlier in the year was the most significant release of emPerform to date, delivering innovative new features and a new, responsive user interface. We look forward to continued growth as organizations look to transform employee performance management into an ongoing business conversation. Look for emPerform as a presenter at the 2017 HR PeopleTech Conference as well as a sponsor of the 2017 California HR Conference.

Modern CPM is the New Black

2016 also saw an expanded interest in sophisticated CPM, budgeting, and business intelligence solutions. BOARD™, Workday Adaptive Planning™ and Tableau™ along with Power BI continue to deliver the best in budgeting, CPM, and BI.  We expect the demand for trusted and affordable corporate performance management solutions to grow exponentially in 2017 and we are looking forward to delivering.

Last but not the least, our strategy and corporate performance improvement interventions continue to grow. We are fortunate to have clients who believe in our framework, embrace our recommendations, and make us an integral part of their business and strategy execution. When they succeed, we succeed.

Our Vision & Mission Stay the Same

Our business philosophy has never changed. Our clients succeed when we do our best and deliver “best fit” solutions. We are always ready to go beyond the call of duty and we have never met a challenge or unique problem that we have not been able to solve. The customer case studies and stories that we have posted this year highlight exactly that.

Thank You for a Great Year!

As always, stay tuned for exciting developments from CRGroup and on behalf of the entire CRGroup team, I would like to wish you and your team a safe and happy holiday season!

We look forward to working with you in 2017.



Dr. Vijay Jog – President & CEO, CRGroup