Save 20% When You Bundle Re-Formatter & Changer Together*

 Re-Formatter & Changer are more than just the bread and butter for Microsoft Dynamics GP. At CRGroup we believe these essential add-ons will change your Dynamics GP experience forever (like how the combination of Peanut-butter & Jelly has changed the lives of most).

Re-Formatter is the only tool currently available to help companies quickly and easily modify the account framework of Dynamics GP. Re-Formatter seamlessly reformats the Account Framework instantaneously altering the format of all data. As most know, your account framework in Dynamics GP is created upon initial install and cannot be altered after set-up. CRG Re-Formatter offers the freedom to modify your account framework anytime as the needs of your organization’s financial system changes.

How Does CRG Changer Jam into this Situation?

CRG Changer™ allows you to change, merge and combine your codes and data, ensuring your business management system operates at optimum efficiency. Changer efficiently enables the modification and consolidation of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

We believe you should be able to easily make changes and merge general ledger accounts, vendor IDs, item numbers and customer numbers. This is where Changer comes in. With Changer, you can alter Payroll Employee IDs as well as project numbers and contract numbers in the Project Accounting module. All the changes made by Changer affect all current and historical transactions. All data is modified, leaving no visible trace of the original code. Drill downs, balances and reports will treat the modified information as if it had been posted to the new accounts or codes from the beginning.

The combination of both re-formatting and changing data really IS the best thing since sliced bread, which is why CRG Re-Formatter and CRG Changer are the perfect sweet and savoury Dynamics GP add-ons.

We want to make the decision even simpler for you to save time and optimize your Dynamics GP system by offering 20% discount when you bundle Re-Formatter and Changer together for a limited time!

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