As we all know, GP 2016 has been released. Hurray! Now what?!  Should I spend time and money upgrading to the latest version of  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016/R2,  or should I restrict the finance team to our current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP (GP2010 or GP2013)?

Everything is working  fine, life is good, no worries, no issues. So tell me:

  1. Why should I upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP2016/R2?
  2. What new features I will be getting with this new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP?
  3. What is Companion APPS, HTML5 Support, Power BI, Odata, Requisition Management etc. and how can I use those new features?
  4. What is this Web Client; why should I install web client compare to Desktop installation or should I use both?
  5. Workflow! What is that; do I really need workflows?
  6. Is there any out of the box Dashboard reporting available in Microsoft Dynamics GP2016/R2?
  7. Is there any change in Financial Reporting tool (Management Reporter)?
  8. Can I re-design/change my SmartList report without buying any other 3rd party tool?
  9. Can I get my SmartList without login into Microsoft Dynamics GP?
  10. Can I use GP with my IPAD?
  11. Will this GP upgrade increase my team’s efficiency and productivity?
  12. Will this GP upgrade help me to improve any of my existing processes?
  13. How can I stop my manual invoice Accounts Payable Invoice approval process?

These are the questions every CFO/Controller is asking themselves with every new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Dynamics GP 2016 New Feature List

Microsoft Dynamics GP2016 R2 new features were announced by Microsoft during Amplify in May 2016.


  • Multi-tenant support for OData services
  • Power BI in Web Client Home Page
  • Make SmartList Designer SmartLists available in Advanced Lookups
  • Show user name in message “Batch is being edited by another user”
  • SmartList Favorite Protection


  • Inter-company Bank Transfer
  • Payable EFT payments to hit Bank Reconciliation module in lump sum amount
  • Add history tables for voided and posted deposits in Bank
  • G/L distribution line to open expanded
  • Include taxes for POP to FA Link
  • Enables users to save a new Asset ID with suffix other than ‘1’
  • Have the Safe pay file pull the CHECK NAME used on the actual check and not form the Vendor Master file


  • Addition of Bar Code field in Item Maintenance
  • Ability to link Credit Card Invoices to Original Invoices
  • Ability to cancel Purchase Orders when linked to a Requisition
  • Do not automatically unapply other documents if one is voided
  • Pop Invoice Match Batch Approval
  • Display Tax Percent for Historical Transactions
  • Adjust Customer balance calculation to use unapplied credit amount instead of whole credit amount
  • Aged Trial Balance with Options – print transactions where the Document Number has special character in it, In Payable Management


  • Track history on Termination/Rehire Dates
  • Print WE allow payroll user to print using self-service W2 report
  • Turn off Garnishment report in Posting Setup
  • Option to roll down changes from setup to inactive records
  • Change department code in all fields including history support tool

Core Enhancements

  • Project Integration in Purchase Requisition Module
  • HTTPS Support for Management Reporter Viewer
  • Default EFT File Formats For Scotia Bank
  • Workflow Approval Conditions
  • Workflow email notification for Alternate Approvers
  • Enable Credit card Payment Type for Check Run Processing
  • Increase Distribution Reference Field Size
  • Named User Licensing Support for Self Service User Type
  • Document Attach for Project Expenses
  • Sales All-In One view
  • Inventory All-In One view
  • Create Exception Report on Budget Import
  • Simplify Analytical Accounting User Access Settings
  • Ability to scan multiple pages
  • Manage/Edit attachments that flow to transactions
  • Attached Word Template Edit List for Batch related workflows
  • Enter payment for entire purchase order amount
  • Bank Reconciliation – Auto deposit case Receipt batch to a single deposit
  • Analytical Accounting – User Setting
  • Display duplicate GL accounts on Budget Exception Report
  • Budget Import Exception Report
  • User Credit Card as payment type in Payable check run
  • EFT for Payable/Receivables File format for Scotia Bank
  • Remove inactive pay codes from payroll transaction entry

HTML5 Client

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 introduces an HTML5 interface.
  • No more Silverlight to run the Dynamics GP Web Client.
  • You can run Microsoft Dynamics GP from any device that supports HTML5 web browsers such as iPads and Android, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

HR & Payroll

  • Remove Inactive Payroll Pay Codes (US centric thingy)
  • Simplify Payroll Posting Setup
  • HR – View balance on the Time Management Title
  • HR – View balance in preview pane of Navigation List
  • HR – New VETS-42121 format

Business Intelligence Reporting

  • GP 2016 Power BI Reports

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About the Author:

Mansoor LakhaniMansoor Lakhani is a Microsoft Certified Senior Business Solutions Consultant specializing in Microsoft Dynamics GP. With more than 23 years of experience, Mansoor is dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions and implementations.