As implementers of Dynamics GP and developers of custom GP solutions, it’s our mission to help Dynamics Administrators ward off the evil and time-consuming tasks that kill time and plague their GP systems.

Here are some common frights that haunt most Dynamics GP Administrators and some fixes we have developed over the years.


The Fright: Managing Multiple Companies in Dynamics GP

If you are trying to manage multiple GP databases as a result of company mergers or acquisitions, you will no doubt agree that this is anything but a treat. The manual work involved can be a nightmare and physically logging in and out of multiple company databases can turn anyone into a mad hatter. To top things off, if you are forced to enter the same records into each company, data management becomes increasingly painful and devours time that can be better spent on value-added activities.

The Fix: Company Combiner allows users to change the setup of their Dynamics GP in order to combine multiple companies into one. In a snap, reporting and analytics are more accurate, managing the system is so much easier, and users can take off early for some much-needed treats.

(You can download the Company Combiner checklist here)



The Fright: Working around existing GP GL Structures

GL structures that your company set up during the original GP implementation might have been great back then, but can be frightful when needs change. You can find yourself shackled to legacy setups and are forced to find workarounds that are less than ideal. If this sounds familiar, then you would agree that the only place where recycling does not belong, is in your charts of accounts. Customers clinging to the shadow of their chart-of-accounts-passed know that effective comparison reporting is a pipe dream.

The Fix: Restructure your GP Setup with CRGroup Add-Ons for Dynamics GP. CRGroup offers easy to use tools that can drastically improve your existing GL structures. AA Tools, Changer, and Re-Formatter exist to help you restructure your chart of accounts and get faster and more meaningful reporting.

In fact, if you haven’t already watched, we urge you to check out: The Ultimate GL: Using CRGroup Solutions for Dynamics to Rebuild your Chart of Accounts




The Fright: Importing Budgets into Analytical Accounting

As any GP Analytical Accounting Administrator will know, entering budgets into AA requires a tree-like structure that is built from the top down resulting in a need for intense reconciliation from the bottom-up to avoid any system errors. This setup is almost impossible to achieve. These errors are so common and so frustrating that we have termed them ‘AA devils’.

The Fix: CRGroup AA Budget Import. This is a custom process that we build for each client to satisfy their AA dimension budget requirements. This simple yet effective customization has saved hours of number crunching, needless hair pullings and reduced system errors to null. Contact us for more information about this helpful customization option.


If you would like help eliminating any GP frights you are experiencing, we invite you to explore all CRGroup Add-On solutions for Dynamics GP:  Watch the video.




Lonnie HolmesAbout the Author: Lonnie Holmes, CGA

Lonnie Holmes is a Business Solutions Consultant at CRGroup, working with Dynamics GP clients and prospects to implement, configure, and support the setup of GP. Lonnie completed her CGA in 2011 while working as the assistant controller of a private consulting company in the Ottawa area.  In 2012, the company went public through means of a reverse-takeover and she was promoted to Controller, responsible for all financial reporting, the management of a 6 person accounting team, and all ERP system development and integration projects.  Having been a Microsoft Dynamics GP end user for 8 years, she lends a practical voice to Dynamics GP tips and tricks and has hands-on knowledge of the challenges and opportunities presented to Dynamics System Administrators.