New Customer Case Study: Corporate Renaissance Group Consolidates Microsoft Dynamics GP Databases with CRG Company Combiner: Increasing CoAdvantage’s Productivity, Efficiency and Morale. out how CoAdvantage was able to simplify their business process and recover considerable daily operational time with CRG Company Combiner.

The Story:

CoAdvantage is a fully integrated human resource solutions provider for small and mid-sized businesses across the United States. Their consultants and specialists manage payroll processing, benefits administration, risk management, and employee development. In 2014, CoAdvantage acquired a number of companies that were later merged into the CoAdvantage brand, resulting in a plethora of databases and accounts. To manage its finances, CoAdvantage was using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Staff accountants were continuously logging in and out several times a day to access and manage the various new companies and their accounts.

“It was extremely difficult and time consuming to add or merge accounts,” said Bobbi Powers-Hey, Sr. Manager of Finance Applications at CoAdvantage. “When it also came time to implement upgrades and patches to our system, the process would take 3 to 4 days.” It was evident that CoAdvantage needed to reach the root of the problem and solve the issues consistently plaguing their staff.

Exploring the Possibilities:

CoAdvantage sought Company Combiner as the proven and repeatable business solution for their common challenge. CRGroup’s methodologies and processes aligned with those of CoAdvantage, ensuring a smooth transition through every phase of the implementation….continue reading


“With the help of Corporate Renaissance Group, we were able to consolidate our 54 GP databases into 1. The change greatly increased the daily productivity and morale of our staff, and significantly reduced our maintenance and upgrade time.”

– Bobbi Powers-Hey, Sr. Manager, Finance Applications, CoAdvantage

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