Office Authority Consolidated Two Microsoft Dynamics GP Organizational Entities with CRG Company Combiner and leveraged Microsoft Power BI to Achieve a Robust and Flexible Information Management Platform.

The experience and analytics solution from CRGroup has enriched the critical business decision making processes that directly impacts profitability at Office Authority. Senior management can easily view detailed customer sales information, receivables and other data in real time.

“Corporate Renaissance Group helped Office Authority make data-driven analytical decisions by deploying an end to end platform that facilitates real-time advanced analytics and business intelligence, allowing us to have complete visibility across our different lines of business.”

Rishi Baddaloo, Group Managing Director

The Story:

Office Authority is a fully integrated supplier of school and office products, commercial printing, advertising specialties, business machines and paper products in Trinidad and Tobago with three subsidiaries. To run the ever-changing business which spans across manufacturing, distribution, after sales services and support, Office Authority was utilizing legacy systems in silos that made viewing consolidated information difficult. “Our systems were limited to basic accounting functionality and no value-added management components. We needed a cost effective solution that would accommodate our growing business where we could make fact based decisions’”, said Rishi Baddaloo, Group Managing Director at Office Authority.

A number of systems Office Authority was using in their daily operations were reaching their end-of-life status. It was essential for them to update their systems in order to maintain a strong advantage over their competition. Baddaloo contacted Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup), an internationally recognized and trusted consulting firm and Microsoft Gold partner based in Ottawa, Canada. For over 27 years CRGroup has specialized in delivering complete and coordinated solutions for enterprise resource planning, corporate performance management, business intelligence, financial and costing principles, shared services and employee performance management. Baddaloo believed that CRGroup would be a great partner to undertake their transformation.

The Solution:

CRGroup led the project with a Microsoft Dynamics GP system redesign and reconfiguration. This work consisted of a complete restructure of the chart of accounts; merging two of the three subsidiary company databases together; and deploying the…..continue reading

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