giftIf Santa got out of the toy-making business for a few minutes and started paying some much-needed attention to Dynamics GP users around the world – what requests might he get this festive season?

What would it be for you? If you could ask Santa for help with your Dynamics GP, what would you ask for? Based on our extensive experience in implementing and maintaining GP, we have put together the ultimate wish list.

Four things Dynamics GP users might want this Christmas:

  1. Help restructuring their GP Chart of Accounts: Imagine sitting by a warm fire, sipping hot cocoa and enjoying the improved reporting, consistency, and simplicity that comes with restructuring your current GP chart of accounts. That’s the dream, but getting there or even getting started might not seem feasible without a little help. We don’t think Santa’s elves have the tools to make a solution, but luckily, we do! CRGroup offers easy to use add-ons for Dynamics GP that can drastically improve your GL structure. AA Tools, Changer, and Re-Formatter are sure to be this year’s holiday must-haves for GP users.
  2. Help maintaining their Project Accounting Module: GP Project Accounting users are no doubt conditioned to cringe at the following message ‘This account Override doesn’t exist’’. This little error causes headaches and wastes time for anyone trying to validate the project accounts in their Project Accounting module. Well, Christmas has come early because GP users can now use CRG PA Tools to validate projects – making the management and ongoing maintenance of Project Accounting a breeze.
  3. Help combining multiple companies in Dynamics GP: Any GP user managing multiple databases will tell you that it isn’t a holly jolly task at all – it can be quite a nightmare for everyone involved and takes loads of time away from other useful business activities. Our guess is that GP users would be filled with holiday cheer if they woke up on the 25th to find CRG Company Combiner under the tree. Company Combiner allows users to change the setup of their Dynamics GP in order to combine multiple companies into one. Like magic, reporting and analytics is more accurate, managing the system is so much easier, and users are freed up to enjoy some hard-earned eggnog.
  4. Help with cost allocations: Maintaining an easy to understand cost allocation process in Dynamics GP can lead to some common challenges:
  • The process for multiple-step allocations can be extremely complicated if not impossible; as a result, an allocation model can either be too complicated to understand and modify or has to be oversimplified to make it work.
  • It is often difficult to track the origin of costs due to the lack of audit trails.
  • Users may have to deal with several rounds of posting in financial systems.
  • Ad hoc GL exports and endless reconciliations are often required to validate data.

We have a feeling that Santa will be busy delivering CRG Cost Allocator to help GP users avoid these challenges. CRG Cost Allocator helps users perform multi-level step-down cost allocations by percentage, fixed value, cost drivers, or balances in other accounts to determine true costs and profitability. And the icing on the gingerbread is that CRG Cost Allocator automatically connects to Dynamics GP and creates journal entries and/or budgets!

So how do you get everything on your Dynamics GP list this year? You could ask Santa for these easy-to-use add-ons to improve the efficiency of your Dynamics GP processes and see what happens – OR, visit and learn for yourself how to guarantee these must-have tools make their way into your stocking.