Are you using Microsoft Dynamics® GP or AX Human Resources (HR)? Maximize your HR capabilities by adding powerful employee performance management!

The CRGroup Team recently returned from the 2014 Convergence Conference and Expo. It was a great opportunity for us to mingle with the Dynamics Community and catch up on the latest and greatest solutions for Dynamics.CRGroup’s award-winning performance management software, emPerform, was featured in our Booth and was responsible for turning a lot of heads because emPerform gives Dynamics users the best of both worlds – powerful performance management to augment their Dynamics HR module PLUS seamless integration with their Dynamics data. One of our most frequent integration is with Microsoft Dynamics so we wanted to take this opportunity to explain how it works and what is possible for all of the Dynamics users out there:

emPerform & Dynamics:
Automated Employee Master Data Transfer: Employee Master information stored within Dynamics GP or AX is automatically updated in emPerform. Standard employee master export fields include but are not limited to:
  • New employees
  • Employee status changes from Active to Inactive
  • Changes to employee organization assignments such as Division, Location, Position
  • Supervisor and Manager assignment changes
  • Current and Next Review Date update
  • Support for User-Defined Field synchronization

Configurable Compensation Data Transfer: Determine when and what compensation information is transferred from Microsoft Dynamics GP or AX to emPerform’s Compensation Manager.

Post-process results are posted back to Dynamics GP or AX: Following completion of a performance appraisal and/or compensation review in emPerform, results can be automatically updated in Dynamics GP or AX. Standard fields updated include but are not limited to

  • Review Scores by Section
  • Review Date
  • Final Comments provided by Manager
  • Pay rate adjustment by pay code and effective date
  • Next review date

This all comes together to deliver:

  • True database to database transfer for a seamless integration and less time maintaining separate data sets.
  • Imports/Exports Can be scheduled to run automatically as often as you like.

To learn more about emPerform for Dynamics, visit or contact us at 1.800.576.6215.