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Telesat Blasts off with BOARD for Streamlined Data Analysis and Reporting: Get the Case Study

See how the leader in satellite communications got started with CRGroup and BOARD for better data analysis and reporting.

The Story:

By 2013, Telesat, a leader in satellite communications, was housing decades of data in various “siloed” business systems. Company staff had become skilled in mining and manipulating this data. Teams were accessing and uncovering insight from different data repositories and running a myriad of spreadsheets. The Director of M.I.S. at Telesat, Martin Pitson, discussed the challenges with his team and concluded: “We were driven by a need to replace our existing business intelligence systems. Our legacy software had reached end-of-life, so we realized we had an enormous opportunity to identify requirements for a modern BI/CPM solution. Rather than simply replace our existing business models, we wanted a new solution that could help us deliver much more than we used to.”

Exploring the Possibilities:

Pitson and his team began the hunt for a new BI/CPM solution by looking at the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms and for Corporate Performance Management Suites. From these reports, they created a shortlist of solutions to examine further and then undertook a deep-dive analysis with their top three choices…..continue reading


“The more we worked with BOARD and the more guidance we received from the CRGroup, the more potential we discovered. The system and its many capabilities actually became a catalyst for business change and innovation at Telesat,”  Martin Pitson – Director of M.I.S., Telesat.

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