Company Combiner

This post is dedicated to helping with a very specific but frightfully common issue that arises when organizations attempt to manage multiple companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Many organizations setup multiple companies within Dynamics GP for various reasons. Over time, business requirements change and there is a need to consolidate the companies into a single company to make accounting activities more efficient. Historically this mean that organizations had to re-implement Microsoft Dynamics GP, use expensive outsourced services or continue with all of the extra companies by logging in and out and manually consolidating reports.

CRGroup offers an easy and effective solution  – Company Combiner.

Company Combiner allows organizations to combine multiple Dynamics GP company databases into one single entity for easier maintenance, reduced risk, greater efficiencies, and improved reporting.

Reduce the risk: Company Combiner’s systematic method ensures a repeatable process for each company. The automation eliminates the chance of errors or transposition normally found when re-keying information. The process brings overall historical transactions as if GP was setup as a single database from the start!

Gain efficiencies:  Using a single company will make your accounting activities more efficient. There will no longer be a need to log in and out of companies to process transactions or generate reports.

Modify your GP setup: Company Combiner gives organizations the ability to change their Microsoft Dynamics GP set-up so that multiple companies with the same account format can be combined into a single company.

If you are struggling with multiple companies in Dynamics GP,  CRG Company Combiner can help.

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Did you know? Company Combiner is also an effective precursor to deploying the Multi-Entity Management solution from Binary Stream.


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