After the launch of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 in December we have had some time to test and work with the product.

More and more often, I am asked the same question:

“Why should my organization upgrade its system to Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013?”

Unfortunately, I find I can’t give just one reason, so I say:

“How about 52 reasons?” And here they are!

Foundation enhancements:

E-mail functionality
1. Sending documents in email messages

2. Sales Order Processing Transaction lists
3. Server type for email
4. Password protection for Word documents

Home Page
5. The Business Analyzer area
6. Look & Feel
7. Customization

8. Items lookup window
9. Employees lookup window
10. Customers and Prospects lookup window
11. Salespeople lookup window
12. Vendors lookup window

13. Select a printer when printing
14. Print reports from maintenance windows

Word templates
15. New Word templates in GP 2013
16. Customization

17. Users and Security

Financial enhancements:

General Ledger
18. Clear balances of unit accounts during year-end close process
19. Keep inactive accounts with zero balances during the year-end close
20. View status during the year-end close
21. View net change and period balances for unit accounts at the same time
22. General Ledger batch approval information is stored
23. Reconcile sub ledgers to General Ledger

Payables Management
24. Edit payables information
25. Reprint remittance forms and check stubs
26. Information for voiding reconciled payments
27. Voiding check enhancements

Receivables Management
28. Apply unspotted multicurrency cash receipts
29. Define labels for user defined fields in Customer Address Maintenance

Analytical Accounting
30. Integrate Analytical Accounting with Fixed Asset Management
31. Copy purchase orders
32. Copy sales transactions
33. Copy posted transactions

Electronic Banking
34. BAI2 bank format added to Electronic Reconcile
35. EFT field length
36. EFT settlement date

Distribution enhancements

Inventory Control
37. Select multiple serial numbers at one time
38. Change standard cost for periodic valuation items
39. Inactivate items
40. Inactivate site and item-site relationships
41. Reason codes
42. Bin transfer history
43. Select multiple serial numbers at one time

Purchase Order Processing
44. Receive a message when purchase order line item is not fully invoiced
45. Track serial and lot numbers for drop-ship purchase orders
46. Quantity tolerances
47. Prepayments for purchase orders
48. Copy purchase orders

Sales Order Processing
49. Print back ordered items on picking tickets
50. Combine multiple fulfillment orders into one invoice
51. Copy sales transactions
52. Ship to address enhancements

Hopefully that answers the question as succinctly as possible!

According to Microsoft, the motto of Dynamics GP 2013 is to “think forward, increase productivity and stay ahead.” This product definitely does that, in at least 52 different ways.

Please contact us with any questions you have. We are here to help!

Stay tuned for the next tip……


This CRGroup tip was written by:

Mansoor LakhaniMansoor Lakhani
Senior Business Solutions Consultant
Corporate Renaissance Group