Jira Service Desk can help take your IT Helpdesk to the next level. Here are the top 10 ways that Jira Service Desk will help your IT Helpdesk to exceed expectations. (download the Top 10 reasons pdf)

1. Simple UI Enables Early User Adoption

The first reason that your IT Helpdesk needs Jira Service Desk is early user adoption. Jira Service desk offers a very simple UI and easy to use functionalities through simple steps to perform exactly what you need. For both agents and end users, the UI has been designed in a way that allows users to take advantage of the simple self-service to report issues, and agents to organize and solve these issues. Whether you’re an end user or an agent, Service Desk is going to make your life easier.

2. Streamlined Ticket Management

Ticket management plays an important role in meeting SLAs and the quality of the resolution provided. There are preconfigured queues so that you don’t have to start from scratch, but don’t worry – you can still create new queues for your team. Queues are crucial for helping your team manage tickets and requests in real-time as they arrive. With Jira’s Service Desk, you can spend more time working on solving the issues that matter, and less time with the tedious task of ticket management.

3. Customizable Workflows to Ensure Flexibility

Jira Service Desk workflows reflect your processes and enables you to design your workflow through a built-in designer. You can create your own workflows from scratch, or import workflows from Atlassian Marketplace. However you choose to design your workflows, they’re completely customizable within Jira Service Desk.

4. Advanced SLA Options to Define Success Goals

JIRA Service Desk provides powerful built-in SLA management, which makes it easy to track how well your team adheres to customer agreements. You can easily modify existing built-in SLA metrics, or you can create new SLAs to suit your business needs.

5. Automate Tasks to Reduce Manual Effort

With Jira’s Service Desk, you can utilize simple logic to trigger actions that meet your chosen criteria. Service Desk comes with several automation rule templates that can be chosen right away. If you’d rather build them yourself, you can also build new rules from scratch to meet your organization’s needs.

6. Scalable Deployment Options to Manage Growth

Jira Service Desk offers multiple deployment options. You can choose the server option, where the Jira service desk is deployed on your own server. This may be useful for those who need control over their data and infrastructure. For enterprises with growing employees and customers, Atlassian Data Center offers a self-managed solution that gives you high availability and disaster recovery. If you want to start quickly, there is an option to have Jira Service Desk Cloud without the need to invest in infrastructure.

7. Cost Effective and Affordable Solution

Time is Money, and Jira Service Desk helps you save both. Whether you’re planning to have a new deployment of an IT Service Management (ITSM) software solution, or planning to migrate from an existing ITSM solution, it’s cost effective to choose Jira Service Desk.

8. DevOps Integration

Jira Service Desk and Jira Software both share the same software architecture, which allows for seamless integration and empowers development teams to raise and resolve issues faster.

9. Integrated Knowledge Management with Confluence

Confluence by Atlassian is a content creation and collaboration platform that connects teams and allows them to efficiently share information and resources. Easy Integration of your Jira Service Desk helps users to access a database of troubleshooting articles, which helps avoid excessive ticket creation.

10. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Jira Service Desk provides powerful real-time reporting, so you can better understand trends in your workload. You can also create your own custom reports to query any combination of performance data, and display information on dashboards to share with your team.


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