Power Up With Power Apps SharePoint Integration Part 2

SharePoint Integration: Part 2

In the modern workplace, companies are striving to enhance their focus and productivity on innovation, and automation is at the forefront. With the right tools and resources, like Microsoft Power Automate, leaders and employees have been able to greatly reduce time-consuming tasks and focus on things that matter most.

Since the release of Power Apps, Microsoft has expanded its capabilities with the integration of SharePoint. In this article, we will cover how to Automate the Approval of Documents using Power Automate.

Automate the Approval of Documents using Power Automate

You can quickly automate this entire content approval process using an approval workflow. When approved or rejected, the Approval Status of the document is automatically set to Approved or Rejected.

You can use one of the Templates in Power Automate called When a file is added, approve the file using SharePoint Content Approval.

Power Automate Process

Modifications required:

  • Change the Site address to point to your SharePoint site.  
  • Change the Library name to point to your document library that requires content approval. 

When an item is created

  • Add the users in your Approvers SharePoint group to the Assigned to field in Start an approval action. 
  • Add the Created By Email Property to the Requestor field in Start an approval action by showing advanced options. 

Start an Approval

  • Save and test your workflow. 

Automate Approval Processes

When a new document is added to the document library, the users in your assigned to field will receive emails to make a decision on the document. 

Power Automate Approvals

  • Assigned to Users will also receive an Approval notification in their Activity tab in Teams where they can approve/reject documents directly from Teams. 

Power Automate Approve or Reject

  • Once approved or rejected the document’s Approval Status will be automatically updated to show either Approved or Rejected. 

Note: This workflow only works with new files added to the document library. Customizations can be made to the workflow to include documents modified in the document library.

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