Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics

25 years ago, we were hunting for data. Now the world has completely changed! The challenge today is getting insights from that data and business intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics

“ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV & AX, Dynamics 365 Business Central and F&O produce as much data as you need in multiple shifts and falls. But turning that raw data into insights has always been a challenge.” Dr. Vijay Jog, Founder, CRGroup, and President of Global Business Applications, Quisitive 

Microsoft offers its Dynamics ERP customers various ways to get started with analyzing business data. Still, the BI and analytics landscape continues to evolve as data growth accelerates and industry demands change.

In this podcast, Dr. Vijay Jog catches up with MSDynamicsWorld to discuss the BI and reporting themes influencing today’s Dynamics space.

Expectations are changing for many roles, Vijay believes. Accounting teams must provide better insight that leads to a proactive outlook. IT departments must gaining new skills in areas like data lakes, analytics, storage, and security. And teams continue to struggle with the perennial problem of data islands, Vijay says.

BI and analytics options vary by Dynamics product, and Vijay shares his views on some of the most interesting new and upcoming capabilities, including the transition from BYOD to BYOL for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and advances with Power BI.

Stream the full podcast below.

Podcast Notes:

  • 2:15 – What is unique about today’s data challenges?
  • 4:30 – What do Dynamics customers get out of the box for BI and reporting?
  • 7:00 – BYOL and the other important competencies of BI
  • 10:00 – Building a great BI team around business systems like a Dynamics ERP
  • 14:00 – Metrics that customers are analyzing more carefully due to the pandemic
  • 16:00 – What makes an organization a top performer on BI and analytics practices
  • 18:00 – Microsoft technology to watch in the analytics and data management space
  • 21:30 – Optimism on the BYOL model for Dynamics 365 F&O

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