GPUG Summit Survival Guide

Like many others, we are gearing up for GP Summit in Nashville, TN from October 10-13. This is the can’t-miss conference for any Microsoft Dynamics GP users and as a Microsoft Gold certified Partner and ISV, we are already packed and ready!

The CRGroup team will be in Booth #425 ready to say hello to our valued partners and customers. We’ll be giving away some nifty gifts and prizes (like selfie sticks and a $250 Visa gift card), and most importantly, we’ll be sharing ways that GP users can Supercharge their investment in Dynamics. with easy add-ons, solutions for budgeting & costing, and CRG emPerform, award-winning employee performance management for GP.

Summit is creeping up quickly with less than 2 weeks to go! We have to admit that we have it easy compared to attendees. After all, while we are nestled in our comfy booth, attendees have to run from session to session – all while staying on top of the happenings at the office. The overall experience makes it more than worth it, but we want to help ensure that all attendees not only enjoy their time at Summit, but that everyone also leaves with valuable take-aways and action items from the sessions as well as the abundance of information available in the Expo Hall.

We have decided to compile our best tips and tricks to help attendees get the most from their time at the Summit Expo:

Comfy Shoes

Seems like a no-brainer but you would be surprised how big the convention centers can get and how much walking is done in the Expo hall and to-and-from sessions. Tuck a pair or flats or sneakers in your bag if you need to swap your heels for something a little more ‘conference-friendly’.

Pack Lightly

Not only does packing lightly help eliminate the time wasted deciding what to wear, but it also lets you carry your luggage onto plane, avoiding baggage waits and potentially losing your baggage on route to the conference. As a bonus, packing light will let you save room for all the conference material, knick-knacks, and CRGroup swag you plan to take home.

cityMake Time to Experience Nashville

Many attendees are going to be lucky enough to escape their office, city or like us, country and travel to Nashville. . Summit offers the opportunity to network and learn, but don’t forget to experience thewonders of Nashville while you are there! Make the most of your time by checking the local weather (and dressing accordingly), browsing the hotel’s surrounding map and neighborhood for interesting venues or events, and check the local reviews on Trip Advisor to see if there are can’t miss attractions that you should squeeze into your visit. Summit has done a great job preparing an ‘Experience Nashville Guide’ highlighting the best places to eat, sights to see, and venues to experience raw Nashville music. Download the guide here. Don’t forget to document your memories – stop by the CRGroup Booth #425 for your selfie-stick.

Make an Expo Plan

Never enter the Summit Expo hall without a plan of which vendors you would like to see, why, for how long, and what you plan to take away from each meeting. Without planning, you might get distracted by all the lights and gifts and miss the opportunity to get one-on-one interactions with potential vendors and solutions that your company needs. Summit offers an Exhibitor list and Expo map on its website. If possible, book meeting times with key vendors in advance so they are expecting you and can set aside some dedicated time. Most vendors post contact details in their program listing and Summit offers a great App that attendees can download for building their schedule and connecting directly with other attendees and exhibitors.

Looking to Supercharge your Dynamics GP System with key add-ons and solutions? Contact us to book your meeting in our booth!

crowdsAvoid the Crowds

Skip overly crowded booths and make a plan to go back at the end of the day or when traffic has died down during sessions. If you are going to invest your time in any booth at Summit, it is better spent if you have the undivided attention of the vendor. Again, contacting the vendor in advance to request dedicated time is a great way to ensure you have their full attention. Summit posts Expo hours on its website and again, that great App will allow you to build your schedule and connect with vendors.

Keep Notes

We find it useful to make a note-sheet to jot down key discussion points and take-aways from your conversations in the different booths. It’s easy to forget names and key facts, therefore side-by-side notes will help you compare solutions and services after the conference.

Bring a Bag

Most conference provide bags for attendees. These are often comfy back-pack style bags perfect for conference material and booth swag. If no bag is provided, or if you are unsure one will be, bring your own tote to the expo hall. You’ll be glad you did!

Passing By is Okay

It is easy to feel compelled to make eye contact and engage with any Summit vendor in a booth but unless you are interested in what they have to offer or have a plan to see then, don’t be afraid to smile and walk on by. As a vendor, we can tell you that we are more than happy to exchange a quick hello and smile.

scanAsked to be Scanned

To make exchanging contact info nice and easy, Summit is offering badges that can be scanned. Once scanned, your contact details are sent to the vendor without the need to exchange cards or notes. If you have limited time but would like to follow up or to request a resource, go ahead and ask the vendor to scan you. They will gladly oblige and the process takes seconds. As a benefit, attendee badges often double as business card holders for the cards that you collect!

Get Down to It

They do a great job making the session schedule for Summit but depending on your schedule, it might sometimes leave a finite amount of time in between sessions where you can converse with vendors. To make the most of your time, don’t be afraid to tell vendors you have X many minutes. That way, you can avoid the casual pleasantries and get down the business.

Ask Questions

Vendors are in their booths ready to show you the latest technology and services to help make your life easier and extend the reach of your Dynamics ERP system – but unless you ask all the questions that relate to your unique requirements, you won’t know if they truly are a fit. Don’t be scared to ask any and all questions you have. That’s what vendors are there for!

Make Plans

Again, there is only a finite amount of time at the expo to get the information you need from the different vendors. Ask vendors if they are hosting any post-show webinars or information sessions that you can attend, or arrange a post-conference meeting or demo with any vendors of interest. This will allow you to continue the conversation beyond the expo.

emailPrepare for Email

Many booths offer draws and prizes in exchange for your scanned badge, business card, or completed ballot. Bring plenty of business cards to take advantage of this, but be prepared to get some emails. Most vendors offer an easy way to opt out of email communication if you find yourself not interested after the event, but you can prevent emails altogether by requesting that the vendor refrain from emailing you after the event. Most are happy to oblige.

Have Fun!

Many expo halls host galas or receptions with drinks, snacks and cocktails. Check your expo schedule for these times and make a plan to attend. They usually take place after the last session and right before dinner and are a great chance to network, meet with vendors in a more casual atmosphere, and take in the fun events and delights that the conference has planned. We have seen everything from musicians, to acrobats, magicians, dessert-mountains, and craft beer stations!

These great tips will help you manage the chaos of of the Summit expo hall and ensure you leave the event with valuable material that will benefit your career and your company.