Would you like to be reminded to do something when a specific situation arises in Microsoft Dynamics GP? For instance, would like a reminder to print cheques, but only when the due exceeds a minimum dollar amount or when a payable batch accumulates a certain number of cheques?

You can create SmartList Favorites and Reminders which will alert you when certain criteria is met!  Here’s how you do it:

1. Open SmartList in Dynamics GP and select Purchasing > Payables Transactions  from the left pane.

SmartList pane

2. Choose Columns from the toolbar. Add or remove the desired fields and arrange the position of the columns. Click OK to close the window.

Change Column Display

3. Choose Search from the toolbar. Select a field, filter and value. Click OK to process the search.


Note: In this case I selected transactions that are due to the current date and individual cheque amounts are greater than $100.00.

4. Choose Favorites from the toolbar. Enter a name for the Favorite and select an option from the Visible To drop-down. Select Add > Add favorite and reminder.

Add or remove favorite

5. Select a reminder option, either Number of records or Total of column, and define the reminder criteria. Click OK to save and close the window.

j5 j6

Note: In the first instance I selected “total cheque amount to exceed $1,000” and in the second instance I selected “number of due cheques to be 25 or more in a batch” in order for a reminder to be created.

Now, when you open the homepage in GP, reminders will appear if any of your set criteria is met. If would like to view the detailed list of transactions that are due, just click on a reminder.



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This GP Tip was written by:

JaberIlias Jaber
Business Solutions Consultant
Corporate Renaissance Group



Ilias Jaber has more than 12 years of experience in implementation, support and maintenance of IT, including experience on Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Reporting Services. He independently administered and supported 29 Dynamics GP sites in Bangladesh from 2006 to 2011. Jaber has hands-on experience in system analysis, planning, designing and implementation with upcoming trends. Jaber has been a Business Solutions Consultant at Corporate Renaissance Group since 2011.