Dynamics CRM and PowerBI
There are many new features in Dynamics CRM Online for CRM 2016 Update 1. One of the most immediately beneficial features that anyone with Dynamics CRM Online and PowerBI can start taking advantage of is the ability to now directly embed PowerBI Tiles into your Dynamics CRM dashboards. PowerBI offers a beautiful, dynamic, and interactive experience. PowerBI also supports more chart types than Dynamics CRM, such as maps to show geographic data, and KPIs. Here’s a sample of what a PowerBI dashboard might look like:

PowerBI Dashboard

Dynamics CRM offers only basic charting capabilities, in addition to the very useful lists. For reference, here’s what the default Service Dashboard looks like:

Default Service Dashboard

With a new option in Dynamics CRM Online (2016, update 1) you can now add those tiles from PowerBI directly into CRM and create a hybrid dashboard. However, this feature is disabled by default.

To enable this new feature, navigate to Settings > Administration and open up “System Settings”, as shown below:

Enable Adding PowerBI Tiles

In the “Reporting” tab, there is now an option to “Allow PowerBI tile embedding”. Enable this and click “OK”, as shown below:

Reporting Tab

With PowerBI tiles now available for embedding, let’s create a sample hybrid dashboard. Simply click “new” in the dashboard screen to start. You’ll notice there’s a new button as an option for what to load in each dashboard region, as shown below:

Creating a New Dashboard

When you click this, a pop-up will prompt you for which report to choose the tile from, and then which tile to choose. A preview window will give you an idea of what the tile will look like.

Below, I’ve created a sample customer service overview dashboard to show me active cases as well as some charts from both Dynamics CRM and PowerBI. I’ve also included a KPI with PowerBI. Clicking on a PowerBI tile will open the PowerBI report window as an overlay in Dynamics CRM, keeping you even closer to your data and providing insight on demand.

Sample Customer Service Overview Dashboard



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About the Author:

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