Time for an ERP Tune Up? Check Under the Hood

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You take your car in for regular maintenance. You know that if you wait too long to fix small problems they’ll turn into major ones – and you’ll end up paying for them in the long run. The same should be true of your business systems.


10 Signs that it’s Time to Upgrade your ERP

  1. Your current system locks up or generally suffers from low performance.
  2. You are unable to make timely decisions due to slow report processing (or lack of reporting).
  3. Employee productivity is inhibited by your current systems.
  4. Your organization is unable to keep up with new or more complex processes due to a lack of flexibility in your business systems.
  5. Processes like job costing, sales orders and supply chain management are still being done manually with spreadsheets.
  6. Employees, partners, and vendors are unable to access the key information they want to find.
  7. Your current system is unable to handle industry-specific requirements, consolidated financial statements or intercompany transactions.
  8. You struggle to meet compliance requirements.
  9. You are paying too much for manual reporting and auditors.
  10. Your current system does not support global commerce with different currencies and languages.

Don’t ignore the warning signs.

If two or more of these problems are affecting your business performance, it’s time to bring your ERP in for a tune up.

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