Ah….summer is here and its effects are palatable. The days are longer, cold beverages are plentiful and much needed vacations are just around the corner. While most people escape to enjoy the fun activities this season has to offer, for others, the escape is from the stresses that can accompany certain dreaded work tasks.

This can be especially true for Dynamics users and administrators who spend their time manually plugging away to maintain data integrity in their Dynamics® solutions and/or those who work tirelessly to string together reports and metrics to extract some semblance of insight into their systems.

This fabulous summer season, we aim to help with all of that and grant Dynamics users everywhere a permanent vacation from their data and reporting woes:

It’s time to take a permanent vacation from…

Manually combining companies in Dynamics GP: Any GP user managing multiple databases will tell you that it isn’t a picnic– it can be quite a nightmare for everyone involved and takes loads of time away from other useful business activities. Company Combiner allows users to change the setup of their Dynamics GP in order to combine multiple companies into one. In a snap, reporting and analytics is more accurate, managing the system is so much easier, and users can take off early for some time by the pool.

(You can download the Company Combiner checklist here)

Manually Validating Projects in GP Project Accounting: GP Project Accounting users no doubt see red when they see this little treat of a message: “Sorry, This account Override doesn’t exist’’ (we added the sorry). This little error wastes time for anyone trying to validate the project accounts in their PA module. What if we told you this never has to happen again? GP users can now use PA Tools to validate projects – making the management and ongoing maintenance of Project Accounting a walk in the park.

Pulling hundreds of views & reports in Dynamics CRM and still not getting what they need: Here are some common requests asked by executives that leave CRM users and administrators mentally planning which views and custom reports they will need to run and string together for hours:

     ‘What has been the consistency of sales activities this quarter?’

     ‘How have support cases aged over the last 6 months?’

     ‘How has the quality of leads changes since last year?’

And these are just a few of the real-world insights that are needed in order to make good business decisions and yet…they are incredibly difficult if not impossible to extract using native Dynamics CRM views & reports. Well, now there is Trend Miner. An out of the box historical trend analysis and business intelligence dashboard tool for Dynamics CRM. Now, users can skip out early for the beach while trend miner scours and displays trends and insights in their Dynamics CRM data – no views required.

Working around existing GP GL Structures: GL structures established at the dawn of time might have been great back then, but are likely causing headaches for anyone trying to work around them now that needs have changed. CRGroup offers easy to use add-ons for Dynamics GP that can drastically improve existing GL structures. AA Tools, Changer, and Re-Formatter exist to help you restructure your chart of accounts and say adios to work-arounds. In fact, if you haven’t already watched, we urge you to check out:

The Ultimate GL: Using CRGroup Solutions for Dynamics to Rebuild your Chart of Accounts

Piecing together data in Dynamics GP to extract insight: Umm…uhhh…hmm…sigh. No wonder GP users need a break, these sounds, brought on by trying to pull insightful cross sectional reports in GP, would have anyone handing in their request for time-off. Fear not, once again we have a solution for that. QuickCubes provide easy-to-use, pre-built analysis services cubes that deliver analysis-ready data. Access data from the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Sales and with the click of a button, explore, examine and analyze the data with Microsoft Office Excel or any other analysis tool of your choice.

Explore all CRGroup Solutions here: watch the video