Your organization has real world challenges. We have real world solutions.

From strategy to execution, we design and implement complete business solutions to meet your business challenges. We create and model enterprise-level dashboards, business intelligence solutions; costing and profitability solutions; and employee performance management solutions.

Our team of consultants helps organizations of all sizes, public and private, improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs in the following areas:

Activity Based Costing

Performance improvements can only happen with reliable and deep insight into the cost base, processes and corresponding profitability – insight that must extend beyond the general ledger to products, services and clients. With our innovative and recognized storyboarding approach, we help determine the true costs and profitability of products, services and clients.

Executive Compensation

Our value-based executive compensation framework improves shareholder value and aligns business practices and management actions with the vision, mission and values of the enterprise.

Enterprise Dashboards

We have been building and deploying business intelligence solutions for the last fifteen years. Our team delivers cost effective business intelligence solutions that provide senior management teams across all functions their own performance dashboard to take fact based decisions.

Shared Services

We have the experience and expertise to help you assess, design, implement and operate your Shared Services organization. Our Shared Services Manager (SSM) provides a complete solution for managing shared services architecture. We have built vertical market solutions for industries including banking, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, service and the public sector.

Strategy & Planning

Our approach to strategy design is fundamental in our role and effectiveness as a facilitator and coach. Our entire focus is identifying and executing specific actions that are sustainable in the increasingly competitive market place. We help you refine your uniqueness, your “raison d’être”, and we facilitate the development of business and  action plans.

Custom Development

We have a world class development team which has developed a number of solutions designed to help organizations likes yours operate more efficiently and increase productivity. Our suite of solutions helps companies maximize their investment and business data.

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