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Attend one of our free webinars and learn about our solutions for budgeting and planning, which give organizations the ability to speed up their financial processes and drive business decisions. Each session is customized to meet the needs of business leaders and financial professionals, providing solutions that can increase your company’s efficiency and productivity.

Here are the webinars we are offering:

Automate Strategic Management with BOARD Software
Tuesday, October 6th 1:00 pm

  • During this presentation, you’ll learn from a BOARD Software expert how you can improve budgeting, planning and reporting processes with BOARD’s multi-dimensional planning system. You’ll view a live demonstration of BOARD’s capabilities to see how BOARD can help you make more informed business decisions. Register Today

 Corporate Performance Management in the Cloud with Adaptive Insights
Thursday, October 8th 1:00 pm

  • Join us for this free presentation in which we’ll discuss best practices for improving the budgeting and forecasting process with an Adaptive Insights expert. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable tips to elevate your finance methodology and increase effectiveness of your planning process. Register Today

Can’t wait to brush up on your basics? Here’s your homework assignment:

 ReadingDownload our new eBook, Effective Corporate Budgeting in 8 Easy Steps, and get started on your required reading today!

 Writing – Outline your business problem or financial solutions requirements in 100 words or less and submit your composition here

 Arithmetic – No calculator required to figure out that this is a deal! Get started with a new financial management system for as low as $5,500 – Click here to learn more

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Doug Hum
Director, Marketing & Business Development
Corporate Renaissance Group