CRGroup Tips & Tricks: Account Level Security Setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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What is Account Level Security?

Account Level Security helps you set up security on your Chart of Accounts. Once account security is activated, you can’t enter, view, edit, or post any transactions in General Ledger windows that include a secured account—that is, an account to which you don’t have access.
How does Account Level Security work?
  • When you use the transaction entry windows in your sub modules, you can enter, view, and edit transactions that include default distributions to secured accounts. However, account security will apply to account distributions.
  • You can open the distribution entry windows, but if any accounts are secured (i.e., not available to you) the account field will be blank and the message “Access denied/Account missing” will appear in the Description field.
  • If you attempt to enter an account number that is secured, the message “You don’t have permission to create new accounts or view all accounts” will appear when you move from the field. The account and description fields will be cleared.
To set up Account Level Security:
1.   Go to “Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Company” and activate the module by checking “Account Security”:

2.   Go to “Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> System >> Org Structures” and define your company positions:

3.   Go to “Cards >> Financial >> Account >> Select an account >> Organization button” and link the accounts to the positions:

4.   Go to “Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> System >> User >> Select a user >> Organization button” and link the user to a position:
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Mansoor LakhaniMansoor Lakhani
Senior Business Solutions Consultant
Corporate Renaissance Group

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